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We – just like our patients – are passionate about the medical benefits of Cannabis. After researching the market and failing to identify a product that met our standards and commitment to quality and excellence, we knew our only option was to create our own clean, uncut product for the benefit of all patients suffering from a multitude of conditions. Together with our dedicated partners, we were able to produce a CO2 distilled oil, made from all-natural ingredients, that provides a great taste with all the great health benefits.


Lixir offers the most convenient means of medicating our patients.  Simply attach our 1,000 mg cartridge to any standard vape pen and smoke the pain and discomfort away at a recommended heat setting of at least 3.3 volts and no more than 3.8 volts.

Our oil is concentrated in the ranges from 95.0%-97.0% THC with varying ranges of 0.5%-3.0% CBD for an effective combination of medication and relaxation.

Unlike many of the other oil products in the market, we work hard to ensure there are no additives or chemicals used in the oil refinement process. Our unique process ensures every cartridge is 100% cannabis oil for pure and simple results – the ones that matter.

Note that Lixir oil is safe to dab and even safe to eat! Bon Appe-tight!